• EMJMD Funding
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    Great news! The NANOMED Consortium is proud to announce that we have been selected once again as EMJMD funding recipient! This means that we will grant scholarships to four additional intakes and keep on training new generations of scientists in Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery to boost attractiveness of the European Higher Education Area! Many thanks…

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  • SAVE THE DATE: Workshop 2019
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    We are proud to announce that the second edition of the NANOMED workshop will be organised by the University of Patras in collaboration with the Institute of Chemical Engineering Sciences of the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH/IEC-HT) on July 8th, 9th, 10th 2019! The main topic of this new edition is “Innovative Nanomedicines for Targeted…

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  • 3-month traineeships for intake 2!
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    The students from our second intake are currently taking their first traineeship! This first research experience in nanomedicine is held within the NANOMED Consortium so that the students can get familiar with techniques and good practices involved in lab work. On this occasion, they are integrated to on-going research projects and have the opportunity of…

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  • Invited Professor: Mr Kattesh Katti
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    The NANOMED EMJMD was delighted to welcome Prof. Kattesh Katti, for a 2-week course on green nanotechnology and nanomedicine! Prof. Katti gladly agreed to collaborate with the University of Angers to deliver a series of lectures in his pioneering field of green nanotechnology for medicine. The programme course he developed was very unique since it included, in…

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  • Workshop 2018
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    In July 2018, the NANOMED EMJMD held the first edition of its workshop on “Nano-objects for drug delivery and imaging” at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Paris. This event gave the opportunity, on the one hand, to our current students to present and discuss their first research work in front of an international jury and,…

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