The mobility tracks within the NANOMED curriculum are presented below:

  • Pathway 1: Paris Descartes (S1) <-> Pavia (S3)
  • Pathway 2: Paris Descartes (S1) <-> Angers (S3)
  • Pathway 3: Patras (S1) <-> Pavia (S3)
  • Pathway 4: Patras (S1) <-> Angers (S3)

Be aware that a restriction exists for students choosing Pathway 2 (Semester 1 in Paris Descartes and Semester 3 in Angers): in that case students have to register in Pavia or Patras for traineeship periods during Semester 2 and Semester 4. Thanks to this mobility, each student will be provided with high quality training.

To obtain a total recognition of the curriculum by all four universities, the 3-months traineeship (Semester 2) of students following pathways 1 or 2 will be supervised by Patras University and the 6-months traineeship of students following pathways 3 or 4 will be supervised by Angers University or Pavia University, respectively.


During the application process, students will be given the opportunity to disclose their preference regarding NANOMED pathways. However, the Selection committee will ultimately take the decision on the pathway each student will follow. This decision will essentially been based on each student’s education, experience and career plan. The students’ expressed preference will be fulfilled whenever possible and if evaluated as adequate and feasible by the Selection committee.

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