Evaluation and Diploma


Each Consortium member, will evaluate the students by continuous assessment and formal exams under the responsibility of:

  • Pr. Andrieux and Dr. Roques for Paris Descartes University
  • Pr. Antimisiaris and Pr. Klepetsanis for the University of Patras
  • Pr. Caramella and Pr. Tereni for the University of Pavia
  • Dr. Roger and Pr. Venier for the University of Angers

Students will be evaluated according to the following grading system:

Average grade A B C D E
Distinction Excellent Very Good Good Quite Good Pass

To pass a study unit/course, students must obtain at least an E mark. At the end of each semester, students will have to validate the 30 ECTS according to the modalities defined by the hosting member of the Consortium. The corrected tests will be open to consultation after addressing a formal request to the professor in charge; all kinds of exams (written, oral presentation, individual report etc.) will be stored for one year after the end of the intake at the member of the Consortium in which the exam took place.

During Semester 4, students will complete a final traineeship in a private company or in a research laboratory collaborating with the NANOMED Consortium which has to last 22 to 26 weeks. The location and the main topic of the traineeship have to be validated by the member of the Consortium which will be supervising the traineeship for the whole duration of the semester. Following this traineeship, the students will write-up a report that will constitute his/her Master Thesis and that will be submitted to appropriate reviewers. This dissertation will then be presented viva voce during the workshop following the Summer School in front of an International jury of Nanomedicine experts from Associated Partners, private companies and the NANOMED Executive committee. The final mark will be delivered by the Executive committee of the Consortium.


In case of failure, a single re-sit examination will be organized; should the student fail again, he/she will have to quit the NANOMED EMJMD.

In case of failure for the final dissertation, the student will have the opportunity to:

  • Prepare a new oral presentation before the end of July of the graduating year;
  • Prepare a new version of the report and a new oral presentation that will have to take place before the end of July of the graduating year;
  • Attend a new traineeship and renew the whole process, provided that the supervising Consortium member agrees to it.

However, if the final exam (written report and oral presentation) cannot happen before the end of September of the graduating year, the student must register again for the following academic year at his/her own expenses and in each university of the Consortium, regardless of his/her previous status of scholarship holder or self-funded student. This new registration is mandatory for the student to validate his/her work and thus to complete the NANOMED EMJMD and be allowed to graduate. The second final exam will be held after the second traineeship is completed.The Executive committee will communicate to the student the deadline for sending the written report and will set a date for the oral presentation at his/her convenience.


To obtain the final diplomas (one from each Consortium member) and the diploma supplement, students must validate each of the 4 semesters (Basic training, Advanced training and each traineeship).

The degree will be delivered according to the decision of the Executive committee composed of two representatives of each University of the Consortium.

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