Self-funded application 2021-2023

Self-funded application 2021-2023

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15 March 2021 @ 0 h 00 min – 15 April 2021 @ 23 h 45 min

The self-funded application session will be open from March 15th until April 15th.

Please make sure to comply with the requirements listed here and consult the FAQ before applying.

The sooner your file is complete the better given the fact that we get numerous applications and that all students usually wait for the last minute to apply which may cause technical problems and unnecessary stress for everyone.

Please make sure to submit your application once it is complete otherwise it will not be reviewed but authomatically considered as null after the deadline is passed even if you got all the right documents.

Throughout the whole application period, the NANOMED team will guide you through the procedure and requirements if necessary. If you sent an email once, just wait for the answer please ; sending the same email again will just come in the way of a quick answer.

Thank you for your understanding and good luck with the selection!

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