Mobility Scheme

One of the specificity of an EMJMD is that the students spend part of their Master’s Degree in at least two different countries. Because of that rule, please be aware that students following the second Pathway (Semester 1 at the University of Paris and Semester 3 at the University of Angers) must go to the University of Pavia or Patras for their traineeship periods during Semester 2 or Semester 4.

This mobility scheme, allows each student to access specific courses related to their personal interest or career plan and ensure both high quality training with experts specialized in different fields of study within Nanomedicine and development of professional soft skills through multicultural training.

During the application process, students will be given the opportunity to disclose their preference regarding their destination during Semester 3. However, the Selection Committee will ultimately take the decision on the pathway each student will follow. This decision will essentially be based on each student’s background, experience and career plan. The students’ expressed preference will be fulfilled whenever possible and if evaluated as adequate and feasible by the Selection Committee.

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