What unique opportunities does the NANOMED EMJMD offer?

The NANOMED curriculum is unique due to:

  1. A 24-months programme in English
  2. The dedication to Nanomedicine for drug delivery
  3. The involvement of International experts from multiple domains of Nanomedicine, coming from both academia and private companies
  4. The combination of theoretical courses (face-to-face or videoconference) with practical and interactive courses as well as personal work allowing developing soft skills
  5. The completion of two traineeship periods in internationally recognised laboratories or companies for developing research and development projects
  6. The opportunity to organise and participate in two workshops and one summer school
  7. The possibility for bachelors in Science to join the curriculum
  8. The cultural enrichment arising from both the mobility offered by the NANOMED programme as well as the diversity (backgrounds, nationality) of students attending the EMJMD.

Career opportunities

The utmost quality of this programme will allow participating students to become experts in Nanomedicine opening up career opportunities at research institutions or Industrial R&D Divisions. Nanomedicine offers a huge range of careers in one of the following fields:

  • Academic Research and Instruction
  • Industrial Research and Development
  • Biomedical Technologies
  • Pharmaceutical and Drug Development
  • Clinical evaluations and Services

According to a survey of EMA (Erasmus Mundus Association), 66.2% of graduates are employed with 60% of those finding a job in less than two months after graduating. This fact evidences the great carrier opportunities which are offered to EMJMD graduates.

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