Full partners

The NANOMED consortium gathers 4 European Schools of Pharmacy as full partners (Paris Descartes University, Pavia University, Patras University and Angers University) as well as various associated partners such as Universities, research institutions, professional associations and private companies.

NANOMED full partners

The core groups organizing this EMJMD bear the advantage of including within their Universities and/or Collaborating Higher Education Institutions numbers of experts from different areas related to Nanomedicine. These experts will share their knowledge as lecturers in the basic and advanced courses of the programme, but also as advisors for projects that may require input from other disciplines.

The four partner Universities are well equipped with Large-Scale facilities which are pivotal to organize top-level post-graduate courses on the characterization of Nanoparticles (diffraction light scattering and electrophoretic mobility, DSC, FTIR, XRD, HPLC and UPLC – UV detection, mass spectroscopy… -, Raman Spectroscopy, interfacial rheology, etc.), their visualization by microscopy (Confocal Scanning, TEM, AFM, FRAP and SEM Microscopy Units) and their biological evaluation, both in vitro on cell cultures (complement activation, cytotoxicity assay, oral transport model, etc.) and in vivo on appropriate animal models (housing facilities, live animal imaging platforms, etc..).

Paris (Coordinator) - Paris Descartes University
Patras - The University of Patras
Angers - The University of Angers
Pavia - The University of Pavia

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