Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD) Scholarships

EMJMD scholarships include:

  • Participation fees
Monthly allowance
Contribution to the travel and installation costs:

To find out more about the coverage, please check the following links:

Important selection rules dictated by the European Commission regarding the payment of the scholarship:

Scholarship holders are not allowed to receive any contribution to subsistence costs if:

  1. Scholarship holders spend study/research/placement/thesis preparation periods in their country of residence (before starting the NANOMED EMJMD);
  2. Scholarship holders spend study/research/placement/thesis preparation periods in a Partner Country exceeding three months (indicatively the equivalent of 15 ECTS).

EMJMD scholarships will be awarded to the most outstanding applications according to the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency’s (EACEA) distribution:

Intake Oct. 2017- July 2019 Oct. 2018- July 2020 Oct. 2019- July 2021
Programme country students 3 3 3
Partner country students 10 10 9


The following rules prevail to define whether the applicant can be considered as coming from Programme or Partner countries:

Erasmus+ Programme Country students:
Erasmus + Partner country students:

Important selection rules dictated by the European Commission:

  • Students with a double nationality from either a Partner or a Programme Country must specify the nationality under which they submit their scholarship application
  • Geographical balance: a maximum of 3 students with the same nationality can be selected as scholarship holders per intake
  • Programme or Partner Country students can apply for no more than three EMJMDs each year. However, a student can benefit only once from an Erasmus Mundus scholarship. If you already beneficiated from one, you can still apply to the NANOMED EMJMD as a self-funded student.
  • If the applicant is selected for more than one EMJMD, he/she must decide which one he/she wants to follow

Other funding sources

Given the limited number of available EMJMD scholarships, we strongly encourage applicants to look for and apply to other types of funding. Governmental scholarship agencies may therefore consider to fund highly motivated and excelling applicants to the NANOMED Master programme.

We advise you to use your network of fellow students, compatriots and knowledge about funding opportunities in your country of origin when looking for alternative scholarships (ex: international bilateral agreements, CONACYT (for Mexican students) and many other specific scholarships that can suit your study or career plan). You can also contact the Erasmus Mundus Association to seek advice from former Erasmus Mundus students.

If you have been selected in the NANOMED programme, our Consortium might also assist you in the application procedure for external scholarships specifically linked to our unviersities such as the IKY National Scholarship Foundation of Greece, the Eiffel scholarship (Campus France) in France (to apply to this scholarship you need to hand your application in November of the previous year), the MAECI (Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale), Alma Mater Ticinencis Foundation and the CICOPS scholarships in Italy.

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